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2-in-1 Balance
2-IN-1 BALANCE treats nails as well as cuticles and skin for the best of both worlds. This unique product stabilizes the keratin and amino acids in the natural nail as well as supporting healthy skin function. Exfoliates dead, dry cell debris around the cuticle and nail, preventing brittle splits and cracks. Ideal for clients who can’t stop “picking.” Recommend that clients use 2-IN-1 BALANCE daily before using CUTICLE LOVE for their best nails, ever.
12-piece display of 1/2oz tubes – Item #59005

Available in:  #59005  12-piece display of 1/2oz tubes

Cuticle Love
CUTICLE LOVE is all about daily nurturing. This softener is safe for use with both natural nails and enhancements. Prevents cuticles from drying, splitting and forming unsightly snags. Recommend it to your clients as a nightly treat right before “lights out” for replenished, restored cuticles in the morning.

Available in:  #59004  12-piece display of 1/2oz tubes

Essential Oil Plus
ESSENTIAL OIL PLUS gets to the essence of smoothing and soothing cuticles that are feeling a bit fragile or “at risk”! Natural botanicals penetrate deep into the skin to keep cuticles hydrated and encourage healthy nail growth. Great for clients with artificial as well as natural nails – will not lift enhancements. Also excellent for adding a deep-moisturizing step to pedicures.

Available in:  #59001  12-piece display of 1/2oz bottles

Fade Away
ADE AWAY is what we all want thick, hard, painful cuticle overgrowth to do! When mere moisturizer is not enough, use this transparent gel to melt away tough cuticles that easily get “out of hand”. Just one application gently removes dead skin around the nail, leaves cuticle area moist, refreshed and refined.

Available in:  #59006  12-piece display of 1/2oz tubes
  #59007  2oz tube

Natural Nail Treatment
NATURAL NAIL TREATMENT is a nail-ambulance in a bottle – especially for compromised natural nails that are in recovery after enhancements have been removed. This all-purpose natural strengthener restores and rebuilds the integrity of strong nails.

Available in:  #66102  1/2oz
  #66120  4oz

"Two" the Rescue !
Here’s what you need most to bring brittle, traumatized nails back to their best – 1/2 oz bottles of ESSENTIAL OIL PLUS with Jojoba and Aloe Vera oil, side by side with deeply restorative NATURAL NAIL TREATMENT. Help your clients tag-team dry, ragged cuticles for healthier, more beautiful hands.

Display Includes:  6 - Essential Oil Plus
  6 - Natural Nail Treatment

Available in:  #42008  12-piece display of 1/2 bottles

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