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Spa Elements Kit #66162
It’s easy to get started with this handy kit of trial sizes. SPA ELEMENTS KIT contains the five essential elements to smoother, more youthful skin as part of a spa-quality manicure or pedicure treatment.

  • 2oz Buttermint Buffing Scrub

  • 2oz Crystal Mineral Scrub

  • 2oz Ginger Root Moisturizing Lotion

  • 2oz Lemon Tea Tree Soak

  • 2oz White Tea Lotion

  • Instruction Booklet

Upgrade to Luxury #66161
Institute a new policy of indulgence. Our PROFESSIONAL KIT turns your salon into a spa with full-size offerings of the full SPA ELEMENTS line.

  • 6oz Buttermint Buffing Scrub

  • 6oz Crystal Mineral Scrub

  • 8oz Ginger Root Moisturizing Lotion

  • 8oz Lemon Tea Tree Soak

  • 8oz White Tea Lotion

  • Santizable Foot File

  • Instruction Booklet

Step 1 - Lemon Tea Tree Soak #66151  8oz
This cleansing first step combines the pristine, tonic essence of Lemon with the naturally antiseptic properties of Tea Tree in a purifying bath for hands or feet. This antibacterial soak sanitizes hands and feet and begins the natural exfoliation process.

Step 2 - Crystal Mineral Scrub #66153  6oz
Slow cellular turnover on hands and feet leads to thickened skin, resulting in a dull, lifeless appearance. Heavy cell debris on the surface of the skin makes it impossible for moisturizers to effectively penetrate, leaving hands and feet feeling and looking dry. This sparkling salt scrub sloughs away dead surface cells and calluses, and nurtures the skin with naturally emollient Avocado, Shea Butter and Jojoba oil for softer, instantly spa-tacular results.

Step 3 - Buttermint Buffing Scrub #66155  6oz
The exfoliation process is further refined with our stimulating, deeply emollient treatment buffing scrub. Skin is gently polished while tangy essences of Tangerine, Peppermint and Spearmint refresh the skin of the hands and feet, and tropical Coconut oil richly moisturizes.

Step 4 - White Tea Massage Lotion #6615  8oz
Detoxification and deep relaxation work in tandem with anti-oxidant action in this stress-reducing, organic massage formula. Recent research has proven that White Tea is even more effective than Green Tea polyphenols in fighting free radical damage, making the skin more responsive and enabling it to repair itself more effectively. Invigorating Wild Yam, exotic Ginger and Black Walnut extracts ease muscle tension and re-balance your client’s energy when this penetrating massage lotion is used as part of a reflexology treatment.

Step 5 - Ginger Root Moisturizing Lotion #66159  8oz
Renewed and ready to face the world! This lively finale to the SPA ELEMENTS manicure or pedicure seals in moisture and leaves hands and feet feeling silky and revitalized, thanks to the essence of spicy Ginger root, long prized in Asia as a restorative energy-tonic.

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