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Q Monomer, A Polymer & Competition Powders

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Q Monomer Liquid

LIQUID ASSETS begin with Q MONOMER. With this innovative formula, we’ve eliminated the two greatest threats to the successful nail enhancement—discoloration and chipping or breakage.

•  COLOR STABILIZERS prevent unsightly yellowing – pinks, white and crystal-clear powders retain their pigment integrity.

•  PLASTICIZERS strengthen and protect nails from the knocks, shocks, chips and tough breaks!

THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS will be yours when you introduce Q Monomer Liquid to your menu. For one thing, there’s 40% less odor. And, it’s easier to apply than any similar product on the market. This means less waste, and allows you to see more clients—all good news for the piggy-bank!

Available in:  

  • #66068  4oz

  • #66069  8oz

  • #66070  16oz

  • #66071  32oz

A Polymer & Competition Powders
A Polymer and COMPETITION POWDERS are the other part of the powerful equation for perfect nail enhancements. In seven classic, gotta-have-it colors, both work with our Q Monomer Liquid. Our Competition Powders are quick-set to help you win... fast!

•  FAST DRY, NO BUBBLES: Encapsulated additives become activated and initiate the drying process when mixed with the monomer. And, because these two elements were formulated to work together synergistically, their interaction eliminates the
bubbles which make any manicure seem less than professional.
•  IT’S ALL INSIDE: Internal pigment guarantees pure, intense pigment from the inside out, with every application. Our powder shades are manufactured under the most demanding conditions in the business, so that every nail is perfect, every time.
•  LET IT SNOW: Though the weather outside is frightful (or maybe the air-conditioner is just turned up too high), low temperatures will NOT cause these powders to form annoying crystals which compromise texture integrity.
•  CONSISTENT COLOR EVERY TIME: Tired of hearing clients say, “Oh, hmmmm, that doesn’t look like my white”? Nail to nail, jar to jar, our colors are precisely formulated to the highest industry standards, to ensure you the highest level of color performance.

Available in:  Clear  White

  •   #66040  1oz  #66052  1oz

  •   #66041  4oz  #66053  4oz

  •   #66042  8oz  #66054  8oz

  •   366043  16oz  #66055  16oz

  Truly White  Natural

  •   #66056  1oz  #66044  1oz

  •   #66057  4oz  #66045  4oz

  •   #66058  8oz  #66046  8oz

  •   #66059  16oz  #66047  16oz


  Pink  Competition Pink

  •   #66048  1oz  #66060  1oz

  •   #66049  4oz  #66073  4oz

  •   #66072  8oz  #66062  8oz

  #66051  16oz  #66063  16oz
  Competition White   
  #66064  1oz      
  #66065  4oz      
  #66066  8oz      
  #66067  16oz      

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