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It´s incredible how quickly and simply you can carry out many different types of nail work with this superb file, which will bring you right up to date. Your customers will be thrilled.


Working with natural and artificial nails, nail design, professional foot care, intensive use

Special Features

* ASC - Automatic Speed Control
* OPC - Overload Protection Control
* Ergonomically-shaped hand unit with a professional-quality chuck and a stainless steel chassis with a light, high-grip synthetic coating
* Non-tiring and vibration-free operation
* Easy-to-attach bits
* Double-power transformer
* Stylish front foil, resistant to nail polish remover
* All in One control for speedy operation


Rotation speed: Continuously adjustable up to 20.000 rpm - Power supply: 220/230 V, 50 Hz 36 Watts, or 115 V, 60 Hz - Hand unit 150g

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